StagingRoom and its principle developers helped these clients create the following applications:
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Client Task Description
529 Solutions 529Professor
Internet Application
Several applications have been created for this company that are now being used by many banks and credit unions throughout the nation.
Nortel Networks Inform 2001
Multimedia CD
All of the presentations from a week long conference were compiled in PDF format on a CD. Included was a system for locating individual presentations by category and type.
Deer Valley YMCA Internet Application Even though this is a very complex AJAX Web application, the client is able to update and manage many, many areas in the application.
Internet Applications An online system was created to issue and manage stored-value gift cards, reward cards, and community cards. The online cards created are the only online printable cards certified by Chase Paymentech as if they were tangible plastic cards.
TIAA-CREF Internet Application This application meets all of the criteria for TIAA-CREF in receiving orders via an automated FTP system.

DownLoad Gift Card Internet Application A patented process was created to produce this unique system. Merchants can redeem this online gift card with a POS system, standard terminal, or with a virtual terminal via the Internet.
Actress Brandi Engel Multimedia Site Brandi's site uses Macromedia FLASH extensively. FLASH imagery is generated dynamically from database entries. The site also has a contact mangement system with mass email and e-newsletter functions to help the young actress keep track of her fan letters, requests from the media, and professional inquiries.
NIBS Client Maintained Site The membership and staff of this prestigious organization have full control to add, edit and delete elements of this dynamic Web site.
McDarlins Calligraphy Ecommerce Web Site This is a moderately priced site with many features to handle the complex nature of the products sold.
Springer Spaniels Whimsical Site This fun AJAX Web site uses dynamically generated XML data to run a FLASH application that the client can control.

Client List

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